Friday, March 30, 2012


Another character design assignment, this one we were to take inspiration from life drawings of costumed models.

This is Leslie, he is an assassin but blood makes him squeamish and he kind of sucks at the whole thing. He kills for rich ladies who have tired of their husbands...scandalous.

process stuff :D!!

here's  my gestures, 1-2 minutes each

I liked the ones on the bottom, the guy in the suit, he had a very slight build and made me think of an assassin or killer type character that was actually quite weak, and kind of fell into the killing people for money thing. 

some inital sketches on that idea, the lady is just chillin, you know, whatevs, she was my first idea, still might draw it, a kind of feral victorian lady.
Anyway, I wanted him to also look girlishly pretty, but since I usually draw the ladies, he ended up looking very much like a cross dressing lady in may of these.

rough emote/pose sheet, that last pose I liked the idea of, a startled kind of run whatever but the end it was not working at all.

a rough turn around.

color comps, you can really see how ladylike I mad him in a couple of these :| men y u no easy to draw.