Wednesday, April 25, 2012

also things

The final for my character design class, we were given a brief that describes three different alien races and some limitations as the plan was to model these in 3d later, such as no secondary action (hair, swinging things, etc).

I chose the 'altare' race, I envisioned them as a monastic sort of society, high up in some mountain or cloud somewhere, and they were kind of full of themselves as they had found the secrets to eternal peace and happiness. There was mention in the brief of crystals on their bodies they didn't like to discuss, I was thinking they would have some sort of religious significance.

I was all over the place here, bat people, quarian looking stuff, lizards. I latched onto the idea of a head scarf, I imagined covered more 'secret' crystal stuff on their head, also it helped the character look more feminine, since she couldn't have hair.

Color comps, I pulled inspiration from actual monk clothing. :D
The character had to be an adolescent, hence the cuter proportions.


The final sheet, I imagine they are perhaps a race of golem like people, stony skin or something...but not actually golems. Something that's been around a while, seen a lot of things and stuff.

some things

the fixed version of the random character, added some darker shadows and a bit of secondary light

also a thing I 'finished' a while ago but will probably revisit, but I don't think I'd posted this here:

Hopefully I'll have more stuff to post as the semester draws to a close, haven't really 'loved' a
everything I've done this year. D:

Friday, April 6, 2012

a new thing

I haven't submitted it there, still need to make a few changes. :D

I got wide, gentle, femme fatale elf...I went with wide hips....maximum sexiness.