Friday, February 7, 2014

Peter & The Wolf 2: The Journey Continues

This is a little late, I finished these last week, BUT here is another roundup of these sketches. Peter slowly taking shape (SLOWLY) the wolf still refuses facial expressions and we discover that environments/layout is not my forte.

mostly the same head here, was trying out different eyes and noses though.

I wanted the wolf to look lithe and snakelike

wolf faces are hard :C

rough model sheet, some feedback I got was it needs to be more 'menacing' this wolf looks too much like a helpful wolf rather than a mean wolf

some rough environment stuff, I am bad at environments!

size tryouts, the peter on the top there was the 'winner' design wise, probably gonna go with a variation of him for the final.


An alternate coloring of the viking lady I posted over on my tumblr (bottom of the post) a bit ago. These were the first colors I chose since blue and purple are my defaults, I figured I should mix it up so I changed it to red and teal. :B