Wednesday, January 30, 2013

zuzu model update

here's some progress on this little lady.

 1st round, face having lots of issues, eyelids are my bane.

high poly preview turned on in this one, kind of getting there, her eyes are still too high though and the hair is kinda blobby. Her mouth really bothers me in this screenshot, haha.

here's where she's at now, again high poly preview turned on, her head is a bit too far forward, and her ears need some moving around but I like where her face is at, and her hair turned out better than I thought, thank you crease tool! 

She's also rigged and has some rudimentary skinning so I could put her in the pose from my character sheet :D

next step, unwrapping and some textures all up in this.


How she looks without high poly preview on: her eyes are pretty wacky, haha

Monday, January 14, 2013

junior project - animated short

Here's some pre production stuff for an animated short I am working on this semester. It's a solo project, 15 seconds long (which is actually forever in animation terms, especially for someone like me who doesn't really plan on being an animator haha) and will be modeled and animated in 3d.

This is my character design, she's a little girl about 3 or 4

Here's the environment concept, the story takes place Christmas, I'll be posting my rough animatic later. :D 

BONASUUU: a couple of things I did before bed earlier this week. I hope I can do more of these this year. It's nice to draw my own stuff.