Thursday, December 13, 2012

environments or whatevs

So I'm going to be posting some junk I did for my classes since finals are wrapping up, and hopefully I'll be able to some personal stuff over the break.

First, two environments I did for a CG environment class. I designed, modeled, textured, etc. This is the interior, I was going for an Edwardian reading room kind of look, definitely stemming from some recent marathons of Downtown Abbey but I mostly wish I had a window seat...and a library, and time to read. :C

Here's the concept sketch, check out those carefully drawn lines. :B

floorplan (this changed a bit in the end)

color concept

furniture reference images

room reference (with cheesy design statement)

initial lighting render, I liked this but it was mentioned the windows glowed a bit too much and the lighting didn't make sense from where it was coming from.

and final render, a few things to tweak, but they are minor. I changed up the lighting from the concept to emphasize the table more, and based on feedback. I really enjoyed this assignment.

and something I'm less fond of but nevertheless am uploading for consistency, is the exterior portion of the class, initially this was also a choose what you want type of thing but we found out later in the course that we had to integrate this assignment with another class, so the concept was chosen for us, as well as all the research, etc. There was also a poly limit of 2000. It was a good learning experience for meeting a design statement of course, but I wasn't so excited about working on this. 

I'm having a few normal map issues here too, and some lighting, but this is where this is at right now. I think down the road I want to create what I would have done for the exterior had I been given a choice, for funsies. :D

So there ya go :D


close up of the figurative sculpture I did in the sculpting class,  the face turned out pretty all right for being terrible at sculpture, and it being my first attempt, and it being quite small. I didn't get to finish the hands unfortunately, but hey.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

some fixed things

Went back and fixed these two a bit


I wasn't a fan of the 3/4 pose, so I redid it a bit, here's the old one  in all of it's (horrible) glory.

Monday, July 30, 2012

new 3d project

reworked the lineart/look for Ayti a bit so I can model her in 3d. I'm quite new to character modeling, so that colored 'plan' down there is kind of my cryptic noob way of reminding me those parts need to be skinned to their separate bones (ie the skirt isn't part of the legs, etc).

Larger art of the head

materials plan

noob rigging plan

body w/ clothes

Sunday, July 8, 2012

lady in greeen :@

A lady from a summer futurepoly class I am taking, I would like to mess with this a bit more, and maybe paint it up a bit, but thought I'd post it here for progress' sake. Linework is my favs.

I think I like drawing  outfits the most. :D

Monday, July 2, 2012

some peoples

I'm trying to embrace my tendency to draw stylized versions of people, as much as I like crazy realistic stuff, I should probably stop forcing myself to render everything to death, since I don't enjoy it. :D

Sunday, May 27, 2012

umberella ella

I posted these on my tumblr (I usually post my dumb sketches and stuff there) but decided I liked them enough to put them here. :D

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

also things

The final for my character design class, we were given a brief that describes three different alien races and some limitations as the plan was to model these in 3d later, such as no secondary action (hair, swinging things, etc).

I chose the 'altare' race, I envisioned them as a monastic sort of society, high up in some mountain or cloud somewhere, and they were kind of full of themselves as they had found the secrets to eternal peace and happiness. There was mention in the brief of crystals on their bodies they didn't like to discuss, I was thinking they would have some sort of religious significance.

I was all over the place here, bat people, quarian looking stuff, lizards. I latched onto the idea of a head scarf, I imagined covered more 'secret' crystal stuff on their head, also it helped the character look more feminine, since she couldn't have hair.

Color comps, I pulled inspiration from actual monk clothing. :D
The character had to be an adolescent, hence the cuter proportions.


The final sheet, I imagine they are perhaps a race of golem like people, stony skin or something...but not actually golems. Something that's been around a while, seen a lot of things and stuff.

some things

the fixed version of the random character, added some darker shadows and a bit of secondary light

also a thing I 'finished' a while ago but will probably revisit, but I don't think I'd posted this here:

Hopefully I'll have more stuff to post as the semester draws to a close, haven't really 'loved' a
everything I've done this year. D:

Friday, April 6, 2012

a new thing

I haven't submitted it there, still need to make a few changes. :D

I got wide, gentle, femme fatale elf...I went with wide hips....maximum sexiness.

Friday, March 30, 2012


Another character design assignment, this one we were to take inspiration from life drawings of costumed models.

This is Leslie, he is an assassin but blood makes him squeamish and he kind of sucks at the whole thing. He kills for rich ladies who have tired of their husbands...scandalous.

process stuff :D!!

here's  my gestures, 1-2 minutes each

I liked the ones on the bottom, the guy in the suit, he had a very slight build and made me think of an assassin or killer type character that was actually quite weak, and kind of fell into the killing people for money thing. 

some inital sketches on that idea, the lady is just chillin, you know, whatevs, she was my first idea, still might draw it, a kind of feral victorian lady.
Anyway, I wanted him to also look girlishly pretty, but since I usually draw the ladies, he ended up looking very much like a cross dressing lady in may of these.

rough emote/pose sheet, that last pose I liked the idea of, a startled kind of run whatever but the end it was not working at all.

a rough turn around.

color comps, you can really see how ladylike I mad him in a couple of these :| men y u no easy to draw.

Monday, February 13, 2012

classmate character design !

A character design assignment based on a classmate, and done in a certain illustration style. This is my partner done in Jamie Hewlett's style, particularly the Gorillaz. :D

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Dino Riders 1999

So I never wanted the original of this little project to see the light of day, but it must be learning. So this is me riding a parasaurolophus, which is an awesome dinosaur, and I am awesome and riding it, etc. I did this oil painting last year and I'm not the proudest of it, but I learned some things, namely, I am super bad at dinosaurs.

It's safe to say the dinosaur is a thing of beauty :B (this painting is currently in my closet for a very good reason)

recently, I decided to revisit this bit of a tragedy in digital media, here's a rough comp of it, still working on depth, etc.


a thing I want to finish at some point...but is kind of stuck here for now, I can't even remember what I was thinking :|

Character Modeling Concept :D

The first assignment in my character 3d modeling class design the character, it needs to be based on an existing AAA video game title, I chose Bioware's Dragon Age as medieval things and I are probably inseparable.

So from the beginning I wanted to make this character have wings, no matter what it was, probably because I am insane? Who knows. Anyway, so here's some concepts where I attempted to figure out the style of Dragon Age, lots of stuff on the hips I noticed.

After a few of these concept drawings I really latched onto the idea of visualizing Andraste, she's this sort of goddess character in the game, you never see her and as far as I know she is never really described, and with the wings and all,  yes, this was happening.

So here's my rough concept page, per the assignment, a front and side view with a 3/4 action pose.

At the time I was really happy with this, the painting especially. But looking back on it only a few hours later, the pose wasn't dynamic enough, the painting rough, and I hated the design of the page, very boring, and some errors with the wing anatomy needed to be fixed, So I redid it.

(before I fixed the wings)

I tried to emulate the red and grey color scheme in all of Dragon Age's promo stuff, something I probably should have done from the beginning. The rough line art for the new painting on there too, I really wanted to focus on getting the lineart really solid before moving on, I really enjoy perfecting lineart, and I was hoping it would help the final painting too.

Above is the final lineart before painting, and here is the final. I don't have any process shots in between these two, but it was a lot of trial and error.

I'm happier with this than the first one, but I don't think the painting really shows how much time I put into it because it ended up so small on the sheet, here's a close up (50%) of it for funsies.


this bird is on my tumblr, and now he is here. yay.