Monday, February 13, 2012

classmate character design !

A character design assignment based on a classmate, and done in a certain illustration style. This is my partner done in Jamie Hewlett's style, particularly the Gorillaz. :D

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Dino Riders 1999

So I never wanted the original of this little project to see the light of day, but it must be learning. So this is me riding a parasaurolophus, which is an awesome dinosaur, and I am awesome and riding it, etc. I did this oil painting last year and I'm not the proudest of it, but I learned some things, namely, I am super bad at dinosaurs.

It's safe to say the dinosaur is a thing of beauty :B (this painting is currently in my closet for a very good reason)

recently, I decided to revisit this bit of a tragedy in digital media, here's a rough comp of it, still working on depth, etc.


a thing I want to finish at some point...but is kind of stuck here for now, I can't even remember what I was thinking :|

Character Modeling Concept :D

The first assignment in my character 3d modeling class design the character, it needs to be based on an existing AAA video game title, I chose Bioware's Dragon Age as medieval things and I are probably inseparable.

So from the beginning I wanted to make this character have wings, no matter what it was, probably because I am insane? Who knows. Anyway, so here's some concepts where I attempted to figure out the style of Dragon Age, lots of stuff on the hips I noticed.

After a few of these concept drawings I really latched onto the idea of visualizing Andraste, she's this sort of goddess character in the game, you never see her and as far as I know she is never really described, and with the wings and all,  yes, this was happening.

So here's my rough concept page, per the assignment, a front and side view with a 3/4 action pose.

At the time I was really happy with this, the painting especially. But looking back on it only a few hours later, the pose wasn't dynamic enough, the painting rough, and I hated the design of the page, very boring, and some errors with the wing anatomy needed to be fixed, So I redid it.

(before I fixed the wings)

I tried to emulate the red and grey color scheme in all of Dragon Age's promo stuff, something I probably should have done from the beginning. The rough line art for the new painting on there too, I really wanted to focus on getting the lineart really solid before moving on, I really enjoy perfecting lineart, and I was hoping it would help the final painting too.

Above is the final lineart before painting, and here is the final. I don't have any process shots in between these two, but it was a lot of trial and error.

I'm happier with this than the first one, but I don't think the painting really shows how much time I put into it because it ended up so small on the sheet, here's a close up (50%) of it for funsies.


this bird is on my tumblr, and now he is here. yay.