Thursday, January 23, 2014

Peter & The Wolf - a lot of text and a lot of pictures

For my final semester (yay!) I'm doing an independent study. I chose to focus on visual development for a project, as there isn't really a program at the school for it, and it's something I'd like to try out and I really miss drawing. I'm sort of copying other programs at other schools I've heard of and using Mike Yamada & Victoria Ying's Rough Draft as kind of a guide.

So the thing is to pick an established story and develop the characters, environments, etc. as if it was going to go into production. I chose Peter & The Wolf by Prokofiev. It's not a fairy tale really but I grew up in a very musical family (piano teacher mom) so I am quite familiar with the musical piece and always loved it as a kid. Plus I thought it would be interesting to have musical instruments/performance as an inspiration behind the characters.

SO ONWARD, these are the very very early sketches for this thing, mostly getting the bad ideas out and trying to figure out wolves and burly men. I've decided Peter lives in rural Mongolia, probably in the 19th century or before, so the costumes are based on rough early research of that area. These are all pretty quick, I didn't allow myself to spend too long on one drawing.

So there they are, still need to show a bit more personality in many of these, and break up proportions, but I drew a lot more than I have in a while and it was great. Look for these to get more refined as the semester continues. :D


The werebear I drew for a Twitter art challenge yesterday, yupp.