Monday, February 25, 2013

the zuz

More on this deal. FUN TIMES

I've changed the Zuzu model a bit to be more appealing, due to some feedback that mentioned she looked like a 'tiny adult'. I rounded her face, made her less 'curvy', brought her nose up, and enlarged her eyes a bit.
I've included the and older (blue lines) and current (black lines) versions, in her sass pose. you can definitely see a difference I think.

Here's also some texture passes, the first one was halfway between the old geometry, and the new one, so she's got some major chin stuff going on, haha.

I decided since this character is a girl and people keep thinking she's a boy, I'd get some eyelash enhancements all up in this. Here's a before and after on that:

It's definitely Maybeline

This is also experimenting with some skin shader settings (Maya SSS Fast Skin with pretty much default settings, haha) I liked how it looked here, but unfortunately found out too late my model was flippin' huge  and unless I wanted to rename my short 'Attack of the 40 Foot Tall Baby', I had to fix that. But scaling her down messed up the lighting and skin shader settings so I had to start from scratch. :c

This is where she's at now, I need to do a bit more on the onesie texture, particularly that tree needs to be a dark green and not so blurry. I want the lighting on her face to be a bit warmer and less dark brown/red but I'm having a hard time getting there.

So next was the environment, here's my first pass, which kind of ended up as my final pass, haha, guess the first time was the charm. This is definitely with subdivision preview on, I would show you the one without it but it's too hilarious, you'd die.

Some rough lighting here.

Here's my lighting concept/color key/what have you

I have a screenshot of my model with an attempt at this lighting but again, its hilarity is too much. Instead you can have the one with the box in it and also some ornaments on the tree (some of them are currently attempting to escape or absorb into the tree)

This does have textures but it is an assault on the eyes at it's current stage.



nothing :c

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

painting is my kryptonite

Did a value thing of this lady, I am not the best at painting skin so I am afraid of continuing beyond this, haha.