Sunday, July 28, 2013

Dino Riders WIP MKII

I type a lot in this you can just look at the pictures if you don't like reading! :D :D

Last year I posted this lovely thing in order to properly document my shame and make a new attempt. Of course, being the usual busy art student with a job and also one that wanted to forget that bad oil painting, I never really finished that photoshop painting. 

So, today, I decided to open this file up and see what I could do. I am posting this because it may go on hiatus again what with school starting up again soon.

Here's where it was when I opened it. Right away I saw some...issues

First of all, reference for this flipping dinosaur is needed, my last attempt was a sad attempt at reference, we will rebuild this parasaurolophus, we have the technology. 

I made the canvas bigger to accommodate the dinosaur and removed myself to make it easier to make the dinosaur more accurate. At least it is looking better than the oil painting at this point, that's all I asked for.

Put myself back in, laughed a lot, realized the dinosaur needs a pose adjustment or he's gonna look like a creepy guy. Looked at the cover of Dinotopia for help, cried a bit.

Dinosaur adjusted, now he's looking and not creepin. Had a bit of fun with the wrinkles on the neck, will paint over that later, too crazy detail.

I remembered some awesome advice I read the other day about pictures telling a story and realized there wasn't much of anything going on in this picture, just a lady and a dinosaur, I decided the dinosaur and I should be bros so I'm petting his face. Also started fixing anatomy issues with the figure, wow was I really bad at making torsos too short (still am, working on it).

SOME FACES because I like faces and I get bored too fast if there's no faces. Also I am trying to get away from my obsession with making things realistic every time I paint them, it's fun if you do it right but to this date I have never been satisfied when I try to do realism. So we're just gonna deal with my disney/anime hybrid way of doing faces but PAINTED. what. 
Also the dinosaur gets the cute treatment so we match. ALSO found out parasaurs with no fin on their crest thing are ladies, this one is a lady now.

I flipped the canvas and finally noticed the figure has virtually no chin and no cranium, nice, fixed that junk, makes me lean forward more too which is great.

A 100% of the faces, this is how messy I am.

There's still some problems but I feel like I made some progress today, woo.

Haven't even thought about the background, we'll cross and burn that bridge when I come to it (I am scared of environments).

(only if you read the words! If not, you don't get a bonus)

(nah jk you get a bonus too tldr guy)

some pokemons I drew a long time ago and a wip of the venusaur, I'm hopefully gonna at least finish the first 150 before I die.


A couple of drawings based on some fashionable folks that appeared on The Sartorialist

The teal girl was finished a while ago but it seems I never posted it here. 
Peach lady was done a couple of days ago, with some helpful advice from my pal Kieran.