Monday, May 11, 2015

rinzu: pokemongijinkacollab: How to enter: Contact me via Twitter @rinnychu with the name of the pokemon you would like to Gijinka! In order to participate, you MUST have an online portfolio, Tumblr, or other blog you show your artwork. TWO POKEMON per artist! Once you finished your pokemon you may choose another. There’s plenty of other pokemon! Check This handy spreadsheet to see who’s taken what pokemon! Collab STARTS: MAY 10th Collab ENDS: JULY 10th ( 2 months ). GUIDELINES: Please make the drawing Full Body, and in FULL COLOR. The file in question must be provided digitally only via a PNG file or PSD. CANVAS SIZE PROPORTIONS no smaller than 780 pixels Width X 900 pixels Height! Sign your character design with your Twitter Handle or just your name! DO NOT TRACE OR STEAL OTHER ARTWORK! KEEP EVERY DRAWING PG-13 - This is an all ages challenge, NO NUDITY. Once finished, please send your finished drawing & tweet to @rinnychu with Hashtag#PokemonGijinkaCollab, you may also post it on your Tumblr! Most importantly, HAVE FUN! HEY GUYS! join my super cool pokemon Gijinka Collab! I’m in! YOU SHOULD BE IN TOOO

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