Tuesday, November 15, 2011

mermaid painting progress

More on that painting I posted about about a week ago, I decided to go with the mermaid as I have a personal vendetta against mermaids and so far failed attempts to paint them, learning, yay!
These are some screenshots of my progress from this past week.

the comp!

 decided the skin looked very dead, attempts to liven it up, the crystal's shape wasn't working.

experimenting with the shape of the crystal, and the skin's palette more, thought maybe the top of the ocean should be visible.

I got frustrated with attempting to get the anatomy right through just color and here attempted to figure it out with line, something I'm a bit more comfortable with.

thinking of maybe putting her in a cave full of magical crystals, hopefully to vary the colors a bit, almost there anatomy wise, I hope.

just about there with the anatomy, at least to the point I can move on to those accursed crystals.

More to come! :D


The other comp I liked, a bit more worked on, I kind of like how rough it is right now.