Friday, December 16, 2011

Snow city progress

I've noticed driving now I'm noticing the mountains and how they recede into space a lot more, hopefully this understanding can show up in my painting.

I'm a little further along than these progress shots show, I could probably have called it done yesterday night but I'm trying to go as far with this as I can with the time left. Also got some good feedback about my use of too many straight sloping lines (as seen in the first one), needed to break it up. I wish I could just do this stuff subconsciously. D:

So it isn't clear here but when I jumped to color I filled the a layer with a sepia tone and set it to 'color' then started lightly painting on a layer on top of that. I already had this palette thought out in my head so I'm glad it is working out so far. 
Also I clearly had a hard time letting go of that spire on the top, haha.

 I also imagine whoever lives here better have great balance to not slip and die on that bridge...maybe I should add a rail... HMM