Thursday, October 17, 2013

Statue Falls Process

I should just hire someone to title my stuff. IT IS HARD.

This was done for an illustration class at school which I love, I wish I could take 500000 more of them :C

So I wanted to do a series of illustrations with generally the same characters kind of telling a story, but more just stand alone pieces. The first I wanted to do a big statue kinda thing

thumbnails, yep. I did more of these but these were my favorites.

I took a lot of really hilarious ref pictures of myself in the statue pose and did a weird paintover of the thumbnail.
Attempted to fix the statue face a little and figure out the foreground. Added some god rays. *hallelujah*
I sized the characters up per class feedback and moved the statue to the background a bit more. (thank you skew tool).

Added some quick color on an overlay layer.
Decided figures were going to have a picnic in the foreground (cute factor).
Got bored of painting and decided to work on the line art (ie fix that statue 1000%). I wanted this thing to be all about lineart anyway.

Tightened up the painting parts a bit, finished lineart in background, finished up picnic, added even more god rays.  This was for the final turn in.

At final turn in, it was suggested the foreground didn't really mach the background, epic statue vs adorable picnic. So on a new layer I drew the characters just admiring the waterfall and the majesty of it all and then made the picnic a whole new piece on its own. I also moved that cliff up in the back to break up the background's silhouette more.

Here's the picnic by itself. I found I enjoy painting grass.

A really quick character drawing of the girl and dog. Currently nameless and pictured cloakless here.