Sunday, December 8, 2013

just let it go man

So this thing

went through an interesting process. I had just seen Frozen at CTN, and Elsa is neat so, for the first time in forever (ha) , I wanted to do some fan art. I scrawled out these sad attempts before giving up in frustration.

Being annoyed with myself and knowing I could do better I decided to do some studies of the pose, how can I get her to look more joyous, free, uplifted, I sketched some junk in my sketchbook. Trying to emphasize up in her pose.  I realized that my straight on approach in the above was super boring, and 3/4 kind of gives her more elegance as well.

(no picture because they are jumbled among other sketches at this point and decipherable only by an ancient code unknowable by man at this current time)

So then I tried again, I drew this on my Surface pro entirely, because I could be huddled among blankets while drawing. Also trying out a process gif rather than a huge line of images. I had some issues with her chin being kind of big early on for some reason.

and there you go!


A drawing of the girl from previous posts
 (who thanks to an awesome comment is now named Lenna)